NYC | In search of: Vegan Croissants - AbcV / by Ace Pai

Where to find the best Vegan Croissants in NYC

After going vegan, the one food that I missed eating most were croissants. Croissant au beurre, Pain aux chocolat, Almond Croissant. I'm not talking about the mass produced boxes of doughy cake like soft "croissants" (if you can even call it that) at Wholefoods, Trader Joes, or Costco,  because those are usually vegan. I'm talking about those freshly-made, buttery, and flakey croissants in the little bakeries on top of Montmartre. The crisp and well defined layers are something that I will forever miss.

Since NYC is such a diverse place, I had not expected vegan croissants to be a hard find. Unfortunately, I was wrong and it seems like vegan croissants aren't as in demand as I thought. Luckily, I came across these croissants last fall when I had Brunch at AbcV and tried the vegan pastry basket where there were mini versions (that are not as good as the regular sized ones). Since then, I've been dropping by for them every once in a while on my way to school. 

Of course, these aren't going to be exactly the same as those flakey artisanal croissants, but for now they are the closest NYC is going to get to the real deal. The croissants are available at Breakfast (8am-11am) on Monday to Friday for $5 each. 

*As of Feb 2018, all of the croissants at AbcV are Vegan! 

If you ever end up trying them or have already tried them, let me know what you think in the comments below!